Automate your supply chain with our API

Our API helps you get real-time freight data into your business platform and manage your freight where and how you want.

Automate your supply chain with our API
Prevent errors

Prevent errors

Save time

Save time

Automate your supply chain

Automate your supply chain

You can’t afford to double up on your work

Are you:


Manually managing your freight information?


Sick of using one platform for freight and another for the rest of your business?


Feeling like you’re doing twice the work?


Feeling like you have no control over your users’ flow?

You can’t afford to double up on your work

You deserve to be in control of your business

You deserve to be in control of your business

Why our API will work for you:


Friction-less self-service setup makes it easy for you to integrate


Automate your supply chain and reduce double-handling information


Improve accuracy by eliminating opportunities for mistakes


Improve brand consistency by using one platform


Improve user experience by controlling user flows and the language presented

It’s easy to use our API

Dotten line


Request API access

Request commercial access to our API and sandbox environment.


Try our API

Experiment with our API in our sandbox to ensure it works with your business.


Use our API

Get and push your freight data to and from your business platform.

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We get it, disconnected platforms are frustrating

At New Zealand Couriers, we know you are the kind of person who wants to feel in control of your business. In order to be that way, you need all your business information on one platform.

The problem is, you’re using a siloed platform to manage freight and it doesn’t talk to your other business tools. This makes you feel you’re doing twice the amount of work. I mean, why would you choose a freight partner that doesn’t make it easy to integrate with them?

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We hate that when you use disconnected freight platforms you feel like you’re doubling up on your work. That’s why we built an API, so you can connect the platform you want with our data source. That way, you can manage all your freight in one familiar place. Here’s how it works:

  1. Request access to our API,
  2. Try our API, and
  3. start Using our API. Sounds easy, right?

So, request access to our API today, so you can stop dealing with disconnected platforms and start managing your freight where and how you want.

We get it, disconnected platforms are frustrating

Create, send and manage consignments with our API

Create consignments

Create consignments

  • Create a consignment
  • Get a quote for a consignment
  • Select service locations e.g. delivery agents, parcel lockers
  • Create a consignment label
Send consignments

Send consignments

  • Request a courier pickup e.g. stored locations, reverse logistics, freight forward
  • Send SMS/Email notification
Manage consignments

Manage consignments

  • Track a consignment e.g. view status, view delivery details
  • Cancel a consignment

More features coming soon…

They’ll love you for it

James Hardie

“Now we save a lot of time and the communication is much easier for our customers. Our customers love it.”

Our API is perfect for businesses who:

Send more than 100 parcels a day

Have or plan to have code control of their ERP, WMS, CMS, CRM, etc

Operate in eCommerce

You can use Parcel Notifications on


Available now


Available now


Coming soon…

Don’t see your ticketing system here?

If you’re not using one of the listed ticketing systems, you can use Parcel Notifications by submitting an approved manifest data file. Please get in touch with your account manager to know more about this way of using notifications.