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With the rise in online shopping, sending parcels overseas from New Zealand has become a necessity. New Zealand Couriers has been sending packages overseas since 1964.

Our team will guide you through any of the processes and requirements you’ll need to guarantee that your item is dutiable and ready to trade. Import and export with over 100 countries. With competitive rates and fast delivery times, sending your next package internationally is simple. 

Our trusted international shipping partners

Our partners know what they’re doing. That’s why we trust them.
An international network that serves 220+ regions
Express courier services through 375 airports worldwide
45+ European countries, with 55,000+ road trips every week

We get it, international shipping feels hard

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750+ happy customers sending every month
220+ regions covered

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We set up your account and give you access to our despatch system.



You send your first international shipping consignment with us and take your products to the world.

International shipping services for all your needs

International Post
International Courier



Australia, USA, UK, China (excluding Taiwan & Hong Kong)



Delivery Time-frame


4-11 days*

2-10 days*

1-5 days*

Detailed Tracking
Maximum Consignment Parameters

Weight: 20 kgs
Length: 100 cm
Volume: 0.1 m3

Weight: 20 kgs
Length: 100 cm
Volume: 0.1 m3

Weight: 700 kgs
Length: 280 cm
Item Weight: 25 kgs

Weight: 500 kgs
Length: 250 cm
Item Weight: 25 kgs

Minimum Chargeable Weight

0.1 kg

0.25 kg

10 kgs

0.5 kg

Pricing Calculation
(By Greater: Actual or Volumetric Weight)

200 kgs = 1 m3

167 kgs = 1 m3

200 kgs = 1 m3

200kgs = 1 m3

Maximum Consignment Value

NZ $999

NZ $999



Free Pick-up

(Via Courier)

Insurance Policy

Max. Liability NZ$250

Enhanced Liability Available (Total Cover)

Enhanced Liability Available (Total Cover)

Travel Method





Duties and Taxes Handling

Delivery Duty Unpaid

Yes – Both Sender and Receiver Can Pay The Taxes

Yes – Both Sender and Receiver Can Pay The Taxes

Number of Delivery Attempts


One Free (Extra charge per every delivery attempt after that)

Multiple (Until delivered)

Multiple (Until delivered)

Customer Service Support


Packaging – Must withstand a 1.2-metre drop

Online Dispatch Platform
One-off Sends

(At Branch)

(At Branch)

Parcel Notifications
Surcharges included in delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a parcel ready to send overseas. How do I generate a price for a one-off send?

We deal with multiple delivery partners that have different services and solutions.

Please phone us on 0800 655 010 or email nzcinternational@nzcouriers.co.nz to discuss your one-off send and the best option for you.

How do New Zealand Couriers calculate weight and prices for International Shipping?

Like all international carriers, we calculate weight and pricing using volumetric weight. Learn more about how volumetric weight is calculated.

What additional documentation do I need to send a parcel internationally?

To send any parcel internationally, you need to make a full customs declaration. This is done on a commercial invoice, which must have:

a) Description of goods you are sending

b) Dollar value associated with the goods (US$)

Our GoSweetSpot despatch system generates a commercial invoice for each of your international shipments.

Can I send electronics Internationally?

Yes, but IATA & customs have certain formalities that need to be completed. There are dangerous components like lithium-ion batteries in certain goods. Talk to our international experts during the set up process to find out how to send electronics with New Zealand Couriers.

Can I ship from overseas back to New Zealand (import services)?

Yes, we have import services in 220 destinations and countries internationally. Contact our international experts to find out more!

Do New Zealand Couriers pick up my parcel? If yes, do I pay extra for it?

Yes*, we provide all parcels/consignment pickup from your premises at no extra cost!

*NOTE: this does not apply to one-off sends. You must drop your parcel at the nearest branch only after taking care of all necessary formalities with our international shipping team.

Can I use an online shipping platform for international sends?

Yes, for maximum accuracy, we deal with all our international sends on our GoSweetSpot platform exclusively!

Does it cost additional for set up & integrations?

No, all integrations and set ups are free of cost!

How much time does it take to get set up and send my first parcel?

Setting up an account can vary with each set-up type and your requirements, but the average set-up time is around 2-4 working days.

Will my day-to-day operations and operations be interrupted or inaccessible when I set up for international sending?

All integrations vary on the type of business and systems. However, even if there is an interruption, our Systems team works to do it on a day when it best suits you.