Delivered to your safe place, everytime.

Set up a delivery tag and you’ll never have to organise parcel redelivery again.

Free tag & easy installation

Deliveries to your chosen safe place

Never miss a delivery!

Organising a parcel to be redelivered is annoying

That’s why we created delivery tags.

We come and install one at a safe place of your choice so we can deliver your parcels the first time, every time.

You’ll never have to organise a parcel redelivery again.

Is missing and re-organising deliveries causing you stress and wasting your time?

If you answer yes to any of these, you need a delivery tag!

Ever had to go to the depot to pick up a parcel?
Sick of organising redeliveries?
Not home to sign for a parcel during the day?
Come home to a missed delivery courier cards?

You deserve to be excited for every delivery

How we help you stop organising redeliveries

Free delivery tag
Free tag installation
Deliveries to your safe place
Deliveries first time, every time.

How to stop organising redeliveries



Fill out the form & nominate a safe place that you want your deliveries left at your property.



You don’t have to worry about installation, we come and install the delivery tag at your nominated safe place for free.



We’ll leave your parcels at that safe place even if you’re not there. You’ll never have to organise a parcel redelivery again.

What is a delivery tag?

ATL Delivery Tag

Delivery tags were created so that you’ll always get your parcels the first time.

Our tags are small metallic barcodes that are installed (peel and stick) at a safe place of your choosing on your property. Just tell us your safe place and your local courier will come and install it for you.

After installation, all future parcels you receive through New Zealand Couriers will be left in that safe place whether you are around or not. Our courier scans the delivery tag barcode when delivering your parcel so that you know when it has been delivered. More on delivery tags.

You deserve to always get your parcel the first time. But if you leave it up to chance, it may not happen.

People like you that have stopped organising parcel redeliveries

“This has made my life dramatically easier and hassle-free, packages are delivered on time and the courier always leaves these parcels in a safe location.”
– Jana, Invercargill

“As I work all week, I had to request re-delivery to my work address. Now I don’t have to ask for redelivery and know I won’t be kept waiting for my parcels.”
– Sharon, Masterton

“I find the delivery tag works really well – I have a safe leaving place. This way, my parcels are delivered even when I am out which of course, suits me better.”
– Jackie, Lower Hutt

“I tried to be home – if not, then I had to collect from the depot or ask for redelivery. [With a delivery tag] it means that parcels are at my door.”
– Shelle, Papamoa


What is a delivery or ATL (Authority to Leave) tag?

A leave my delivery tag or ATL tag is a small metallic barcode that will be installed at a safe location of your choosing on your property or premise where you would like to have all deliveries left (e.g., by the backdoor, under the deck). A small metallic barcode will be installed there, which your courier scans when leaving items to show in our tracking system they’ve been delivered. All deliveries will then be left at this location in the future.

What is the best place to install the delivery tag?

We recommend a dry, secure, and easily accessible place away from the street. Under the deck, behind the BBQ, by the back door etc. Our courier scans the delivery tag barcode when delivering your parcel so that you know it has been delivered to the chosen safe place that needs to be accessible for the delivery driver.

How much does it cost to install a delivery tag?

Nothing, the delivery tags are free of cost!

Can I cancel my delivery tag?

Yes. To cancel, please remove it from its location on your property and let your nearest branch know.

How long does it take for it to be installed?

Installation for the delivery tag on your property can take up to 14 days including processing.

Can I use the delivery tag as a one-off drop?

Delivery tags are designed for ongoing deliveries and cannot be used as a one-off ‘Authority to Leave’.

Can I get a delivery tag for my current delivery?

It can take up to 14 days to set up. Contact your nearest branch or give permission to leave by clicking the link on your email or SMS parcel notification.

Can I move my delivery tag to a new location on the same property or new property?

Yes, please get in touch with your nearest branch to organise a new tag or update the address on the existing one.